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Kris Kuhn

Creative Director/Owner/operator

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Just a small town girl from Alaska, I did migrate south and graduated from the University of Idaho, Moscow with a degree in Visual Communications with a television production emphasis.  And now, over 20 years later (eek!), I pride myself to have always been working in this industry.  From being part of the first broadcast television station in Ketchikan, Alaska (Editor and News/sports anchor) to Broadcast TV in Casper, Wyoming (Production Manager and CBS Weather girl, yes!) to one of the first High-Definition production companies in the Seattle area, to cable television and on now to my own business.  

It's been quite a ride that I hope will continue for a long time!

video production services

Since 2009, FFM has been delivering on my promise to provide effective advertising options, at affordable prices to my clients.  From commercials to web videos and social media campaigns, FFM has continued to grow and expand.